Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Menu: September 23 - September 30

OK, so, my streak has ended. Sad, but true. It was all my fault, too. I forgot I had the car last Wednesday because I had a dentist appointment, so I forgot to pick up Paul after work. He also forgot, and didn't realize until he walked out of his office building at 5:06 to leave. By the time we forged through rush hour traffic and made it back home, it was dinner time and we were starving...the Burger King drive-thru proved too hard to resist. Sigh. That was the only eating out mess up. Otherwise, things came up on two other nights, and thus I still have three meals for next week's menu. On top of that, Paul's going to Utah tonight for a recruiting trip, so I have two dinners on my own, and I really don't like cooking big meals when they're just for me.

ANYHOW, long story with a short point, this week's menu pretty much planned itself. Here we go:

Tuesday (today): leftover chili
Wednesday: mac and cheese or some other such throw together meal
Thursday: chicken and spinach penne (Chef Britta)
Friday: Swedish meatballs
Saturday: Paul makes Hayashi rice (third time on the menu's the charm?)
Sunday: sweet and sour chicken (the recipe Paula posted)
Monday: wild mushroom beef stew (slow cooker)
Tuesday: vegetable quiche (in my new quiche pan!)

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