Saturday, September 13, 2008

Menu: September 14 - 20

I'm back! I can't wait to try all of the new recipes that have been posted. It makes me excited because I've realized that cooking makes me happy. So, here's my new thing. I'm just gonna plan my menu for the days that I'm not working in the evenings. It'll be easier for me to post recipes that way. I'm thinking about quitting, so maybe I'll have a 7-day menu soon. And also, I will be looking for ways to cut back on fat and calories (my sister is getting married in November), so any advice would be helpful!

Sunday: Pork Tenderloins with Oven-baked Zucchini sticks
Tuesday: Cluck Finn on a Raft (from Eli's cookbook A Man, A Can, A Plan)
Wednesday: Bombay Chicken n' Rice (From Eli's Cookbook)
Thursday: Red Beans & Rice with Turkey Keilbasa

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