Monday, September 15, 2008

Menu: Sept 15 - Sept 19

Since I pretty much failed last week I think I'm going to once again schedule a short week of food with a couple alternatives this week to see how many dinners I will make! I only made a couple things on our menu last week.

Monday: Poor man's food. My grandma named this meal after the fact that it's basically the cheapest meal that exists. It involves a tuna mixture over toast. I'll post the recipe even though I'm not sure if people will be interested.
Tuesday: Italian dressing chicken with mashed potatoes and a veggie
Wednesday: French toast and sausage. I like having breakfast for dinner every once in a while!
Thursday: Sweet and Sour chicken and fried rice.
Friday: BBQ chicken (I just cook the chicken in store bought sauce), rice pilaf, and broccoli.

Alternatives: Mexican tortillas (leftover recipe from last week); chicken quesadillas with refried beans

Now that should make it so that I have an option that I feel like each night! Let's hope...

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