Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Menu: September 16 - September 22

Oh yes, I have cooked all my planned meals for THREE weeks running. I think that's a personal record. Our only blip happened on Saturday (once again when Paul was going to make Japanese food...am I'm sensing a pattern here? ;) ) when we had a really late lunch and didn't end up getting hungry for dinner at all.

Tuesday (today): Tuna Melts
Wednesday: Veggie Pitas again (Sad story about our pitas last night--We bought an avocado and sprouts last week (in addition to tomato, cucumber, and hummus) to have on our pitas, and they both went bad before we got to them. The pitas were yummy last night, but we both agreed that avocado and sprouts would be delicious on them, too. Well, we still have pitas and hummus, so I figured we'd give it another shot. :) )
Thursday: Paul makes Hayashi Rice
Friday: Burritos with the leftover fiesta chicken and rice from last week
Saturday: "Swedish" meatballs (the recipe Paula posted a while back)
Sunday: Chicken and spinach Penne (Chef Britta)
Monday: Three-Bean Turkey Chili (slow cooker)

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