Saturday, January 9, 2010

Menu: Jan. 4 - Jan. 9 & Fat Smashing

Eli and I decided that this year we need to work on losing some weight and eating healthier (for a lot of good reasons). I'm not a big believer in "fad' diets because D & C says we should have a little of everything in moderation. When I was at my healthiest I was just eating a lot of fresh foods and not so much processed foods, all in good proportions.

I decided we needed to learn to control our eating habits and found a book called "The Fat Smash Diet." If you've ever seen Celebrity Fit Club, it's the "diet" that they use on the show. The first 9 days is all about cleansing your body of all the yuckies and building a good foundation, in other words, detox...lots of fruits and veggies and a minimal amount of grains and dairy, no pasta or meat. We'll start adding pastas and meats in moderation over the next few weeks.

After this first week, Eli and I have each lost 7 lbs. and we both are full of energy and feeling good. I've cooked a lot of lunches & dinners, so lots of vegetarian recipes! We can't wait for meat and pastas, but looking forward to a healthy amount. Good start to the new year!

Sunday: dinner at parent's
Monday: Green Bean Salad (FSD) & Squash Casserole (Clean Eating)
Tuesday: Veggie Soup (FSD) & Rice and Black Beans (All Recipes)
Wednesday: Salad w/ ranch and salsa & Italian Spaghetti Squash (All Recipes)
Thursday: Banana Bread smoothie & Mexican Bean and Corn Bowl (3 Fat Chicks)
Friday: stuffed peppers (All Recipes)
Saturday: Apple Bake & Chickpea burger w/ sweet potato fries & International Stew

FSD = Fat Smash Diet by Ian K. Smith
Clean Eating Magazine (one of my favorites!)

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