Sunday, October 19, 2008

Menu: October 19 - October 25

I don't know if I said this before, but I've decided to keep cooking dinner on the nights I work. I'll just make something simple on the nights I work. I'm excited to cook this week. I found a new blog with some awesome recipes. I left her a comment to see if I could link her blog to my page, but I will go ahead and leave the address here so you ladies can check it out (Favorite Family Recipes). Highly Recommended.

Sunday: Sweet Pork Roast
Monday: Quesadillas (FFR)
Tuesday: Mizithra Pasta (FFR)
Wednesday: Tomato & Pesto Pizza (FFR)
Thursday: Veggie Melts (Chef Britta)
Friday: Bean, Avocado, & Cheese Sandwich (sounds weird, I know)
Saturday:Vegetarian Chili (Chef Britta)

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Erica said...

You are absolutely welcome to link to the favorite family recipes site! Thanks for checking it out! Let me know how you like the recipes!
--Erica (FFR)