Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I'm so lucky that Paul makes dinner for us once a week! I have really enjoyed trying more Japanese food, and this meal is one of my favorites.

Paul told me that when he was on his mission they would make this often and use whatever they had in their fridge that was going to go bad soon in it. You can use pretty much any kind of meat and any combination of vegetables. As you might predict, Paul's favorite meat to use is thinly sliced beef from the Japanese grocery store. :)

First, you need to buy some noodles. Occasionally, you can find them at a regular grocery store, but you may need to go to an Asian grocery store. They'll be in the refrigerated section. This is Paul's favorite brand:

1 package yakisoba noodles (seasoning packets included)
about 3/4 lb meat (Paul likes thinly sliced beef, but chicken or other meat works well, too)
1/2 large onion, chopped into thin slices
mixed vegetables of your choice (last night we used bell peppers and peas...though the peas didn't work very well when you're eating with chopsticks)

Start cooking your meat over medium heat. Add the onions once you've chopped them up. Stir and cook until meat is done and onions are tender. Add other vegetables and cook and stir until they are done as well. If you're using frozen vegetables, this only takes a couple minutes. If you are using fresh vegetables such as potatoes and eggplant, make sure you chop them into small pieces and cook until they are tender. Add the noodles, and mix it all together, breaking up the clumps of noodles. Once the noodles are mixed in well, sprinkle seasoning one packet at a time and toss until everything is evenly coated. Paul only uses two of the three packets of seasoning.

This recipe makes enough for Paul and I, with enough leftover for one person's lunch. :)


Shandra said...

I'm a random reader. I've never checked out your blog before but found it through a friend's blog. My parents also went to Japan on their missions and this was a favorite at their house and has carried over to ours. Check out Smith's Food and Drug for Yakisoba noodles. They're normally by the vegetables, close to the organic vegetables or the packages of pre-chopped vegetables. They're normally about $2.50, but we love it so much it takes two packages! I hope other people check out this wonderful dish! (Chicken and peas is our favorite...put the peas in very last!)

Jennie said...

Good suggestions! Thanks. :)