Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Total Failure

Okay, I posted my first menu, and then besides making tacos, I haven't done any of it. I've been sick- fever, chills, headache, dizzy, tired, swollen glands, the works. My new plan:
Wed- crockpot chicken alfredo with ceasar salad
Thurs-Sat- canyoneering trip in Zions- eating "camping food"
Sunday- family potluck- haven't decided what I'll bring yet.
Monday- Chicken a la King (if I go to the grocery store) I liked reading about the quick and easy. I think Israel and Eliza will eat this- I'll let you know.

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Jennie said...

Oh no! :( I'm sorry you've been sick! That's the worst. It's definitely a legitimate reason to fail on your plans, though. My reasons for failing are never legitimate. ;)