Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Menu: August 26 - September 2

I need a fresh start. We've been having a lot of fend-for-yourself nights and last minute Wendy runs lately. My bad! It's so easy to get into that pattern! OK, it's time to go back to cooking real things! Also, Paul and I have decided to change our shopping day to Tuesday. We decided we like to do other--more fun--things with our time on Saturdays. :)

Here's the menu for this week:
Tuesday (today): Chicken and Broccoli casserole
Wednesday: Hamburger Noodle casserole (which is funny because I planned this one before I noticed Paula had just posted the recipe)
Thursday: Crispy Breaded Pork Chops, the Chef Britta recipe I posted a little while back, except this time I'm going to try Sweet and Sour sauce instead of Dijon mustard
Friday: Chicken Chalupas
Saturday: Paul cooks Japanese food
Sunday: I haven't planned yet...we may invite some people over for dinner (if our apartment is presentable, that is)
Monday: Pa-Pa's Meatloaf, the Hansen family recipe :)

My next goal is to find more vegetarian meals. I failed at planning a vegetarian dish this week. Any ideas?


Paula said...

Let me know how that recipe is with sweet and sour sauce, because Brian doesn't like Dijon mustard. I think the recipe looks good though and I would like to try it.

Jennie said...

I will. I also think it would be good with ranch dressing. :)

Lisa said...

Oh man - you should make this.


I think links won't come through in Blogger comments, so you can also just go over to www.nyt.com and search for Recipes for Health and find the Pisto Manchego. Nom nom nom.