Saturday, August 9, 2008

Menu: August 9 - August 15

Here's what I have scheduled for this week (thanks for some great ideas, guys!):

Saturday (today): Crispy breaded pork with creamy corn (Chef Britta - This was going to be my dinner for last night, but Paul decided we needed a date night. :) )
Sunday: Skillet Chicken and Vegetables Parmesan
Monday: Enchiladas with Mandy and Eli's rice and beans
Tuesday: Yakisoba! (Paul's night to cook. Woo hoo!)
Wednesday: Poppyseed Chicken and peas
Thursday: Three Pepper Pasta Sauce (Crockpot) and Linguini
Friday: Tentatively chili and fritos salads (It's a bit up in the air because Paul has to work late.)

This is getting a lot easier for me! I love having so many places to look for new recipes. :)

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Jennie said...

So, I'm already off on my menu. On Sunday we got invited to my visiting teacher's house for dinner. Then, on Monday, I had to pick Paul up from work because I had the car, and he also had a softball game, so we didn't have time to make dinner. Arby's saved the day!

I'm just going to finish out the week as planned and move Sunday and Monday's meals to next week's menu. :)