Monday, July 28, 2008

A couple more pies...

If you looked at my family blog today, you saw that I got to make two more pies for our dinner with friends yesterday. I'm rather obsessed with dessert (another fact about me that can't possibly go unnoticed ;) ), so I want to share these ideas with you guys, too. With the amount of dessert I consume on a regular basis, it's amazing that I'm not as big as a house...and I wonder why I can't seem to lose the rest of this baby weight! ;)

First, I made this French Fruit Pie (Like I mentioned when I first posted about it, I wanted to try it with different types of fruit. It was very good!):

Then, I found this recipe at for Black-bottom Peanut Butter Mousse pie, and decided to try it out:

I made a couple adjustments to the recipe on that website. I was lazy and used a store-bought graham cracker crust instead of making my own. I saved some of the chocolate layer and thinned it out with a little milk to drizzle on top. And I used peanut butter cups on top instead of peanuts. ;) There were a couple issues that came up, though. I think I was supposed to get a bigger size pie crust because there was way too much of both the chocolate layer and the peanut butter mousse layer. Also, the pie didn't set up in the fridge in an hour like it said it would. I had to put it in the freezer during our dinner, and even then it was only just barely set up when we ate it. I think this might have to do with the fact that in the recipe it has you whip the cream for the mousse layer only until it's thick and not holding peaks. I think next time I'll beat it a little longer so that the mousse doesn't take so long to set up. It stressed me out! I was worried we'd have peanut butter soup on our hands!

Incidentally, is a pretty nice website for recipe ideas. My dad recommended it to me. :) I've found several recipes there so far, and I've had a lot of success with them. Basically all the recipes are heavily reviewed by various users of the website, so you can get a pretty good idea of how the recipe works and any changes you may want to make.

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Eli & Mandy said...

Your pies make me salivate! They look so good!