Monday, May 4, 2009

Menu: May 3 - May 9

What's this? A menu!? Holy meatballs, Batman! (Sorry, I've got meatballs on the brain...stay tuned for a couple of great recipes on that front. ;) )

We haven't been planning menus lately because I went out of town and then Paul went out of town. We're back and settled back down into the swing of things. And I FINALLY planned a menu on Saturday.

Sunday: Swedish Meatballs (CFG)
Monday: Old South Hoppin' John (CFG - don't ask me why it's called that...)
Tuesday: Tacos
Wednesday: Chicken and Broccoli
Thursday: Meatball Minestrone (CFG)
Friday: Individual Chicken Cobblers (CFG)
Saturday: Good ol' Rice and Beans (CFG)

*CFG=Cheap. Fast. Good! We're trying a whole bunch of recipes from my new cookbook this week. And they really were cheap to shop for!M

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