Monday, April 20, 2009

Book Recommendation

The Essential Mormon Cookbook by Julia Badget Jensen is so full of delicious recipes. I love it. I've been making their french bread now for a few months (recipe to follow). Their corn bread is my second favorite recipe. (And the Bride's biscuits I posted forever ago are from here too. ) Also, the recipes are organized into seasons and dinners, so a whole meal is there for you.

Ones we've loved so far:
German Pancakes with Strawberries
Cousin's Corn Bread
Savory Pot Roast with Potatoes and Gravy (my new fav. way to do pot roast)
Bride's Biscuits ( I even made it one time forgetting any shortning or butter and they were still good)
Fiesta Dip
Taco Beef Soup
French bread
Banana Bread
Herb Croutons (1st time making my own and I'm not going back to store bought)
Sloppy Joes
Best-Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies (my Stan's fav. cookies ever, and cookies are his fav. dessert)

Stan and I joke that it should be added to the Standard Works.

Please note:Everything we have tried we have LOVED except for the missionary meatloaf (way to sweet for our taste), the glazed carrots and peas (too muc work for not enough excitement), and pioneer bread (too dense and molasses-ish. (3 out of 14 isn't bad- esp. since the rest are to die for and blessedly easy)

Buy this book.

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