Monday, November 8, 2010

New Blog

For a while now, Jennie and I have been talking about starting a blog where we would put our family recipes along with our most used recipes. We we're thinking it would be a good way to put together all of our best recipes (not just ones we make once or twice). We finally did more than just talk and started a blog called PJ’s Recipe Box. We invite you all to check it out! We’ve been trying to post something new every day so it’s always changing.

We’re going to keep this blog going as well since it’s such a good resource and has so many recipes that I make all the time (you will notice there are a lot of repeats on the other blog). It’s also so nice to be able to see what delicious recipes other people are making.

The link to our new blog is:

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Sharon said...

I'm excited to check it out! I love coming to this blog and getting ideas for what to make for dinner each week. I always liked your family meals when you made them for our apartment back in the day, so I'll definitely enjoy eating them again! :)

Thanks for sharing all your great recipes! :)